Is it hard for you to lose body fat?




It’s important for you to know that by riding a bike with difficulty, you will lose the body fat and you’ll look as good as you’d hope.

Exercising to lose body fat, I would dare to say, is only 20% of the strategy. The remaining 80%, I am afraid to say, is your diet.

There are some aspects that you can take into account in your fight against fat:


  • Adjust your daily caloric intake. There should be a deficit between what you need to get through the day and the calories you consume.


  • Dinner is essential. Cut carbohydrates at dinner, unless you have trained hard in the afternoon and the next day you have to train hard again.


  • Lift weights. More muscle mass increases your basal metabolism and you’ll burn more calories, even whileresting.


  • Drink a lot of water. No fruit juices. The typical orange juice at breakfast, although it is natural, is direct sugar to blood. That doesn’t do you any good.


  • Avoid foods with a high glycemic index, except just after training. For the rest of the day, eat foods that contain fiber and whole grain.


  • Completely eliminate soft drinks, whether or not they are carbonated. Aquarius isn’t healthy at any time of the day, although they say it’s a sports drink. It’s pure sugar. If you’re going to drink it, it would be better to have a beer.


Apply these tips and you will DEFINITELY see results.


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