Mediterranean Collection

Inspired by our roots. Magnificent Barcelona: cosmopolitan, friendly and Mediterranean.

Inspired by the colour of the seas that bathe the coasts where we grew up, by the light, the smells and flavours of our land. By the landscapes of our favourite routes passing through pine forests and vineyards… this is the new Mediterranean collection: it is intensely Mediterranean!

maillot ciclismo mediterraneo dgentrena

Barceloneta design

A neighbourhood of Barcelona which gives it name to the most well-known beach of our city and which has undergone significant changes throughout its intense history, always adapting and moving with the times.

This is why it has been a source of inspiration for us. We have reinvented ourselves and created the improved design and quality of this equipment.

maillot ciclismo oliva dgentrena

Oliva design

Moderately bitter, sweet and above all, green.

Our homage to the olive could not be left out of our collection. It is one of the star products of our gastronomy.

Our maillot shirt has a clean and simple design and we have allowed its intense green colour to take the limelight.

maillot de ciclismo vino dgentrena

Vino design

“No wine is a big deal if the person drinking it does not contribute a little sensitivity, fantasy, emotion, friendliness and good taste… and turns all of this into an unforgettable moment”

Sergio Ottato, Argentinian Wine expert.

We have applied that sensitivity, fantasy, emotion, friendliness and good taste to the bicycle and the result is the new Wine design maillot shirt; Feel that unforgettable moment!

Classics collection

The Classics travels through the world of the bicycle. Each outfit pays homage to a mythical area of cycling, whether mountain, road or Gravel.

There’s a lot of work to do. There are many journeys and tours to dream of and to inspire us as we pedal our bikes. We can’t think of a better way to get to know our country than to pedal around it.

maillot ciclismo black forest dgentrena

'Black Forest' design

The mountainous massif of the Black Forest covers an area of 11.000 Kilometres squared and is situated in the German region of BadenWürttemberg, neighbouring France and Switzerland.

It has 16 long-distance cycling routes which are perfectly signposted for the enjoyment of the experienced cyclist. This is considered to be one of the best areas of Europe for mountain biking.

maillot ciclismo four rivers dgentrena

'Four Rivers' design

Its flowers and colours are linked to the earth and the traditions of this Korean routewhich connects theland from east to west and from north to south and runs alongside the four main Korean rivers: the Hangang, the Nakdonggang, the Geumgang and the Yeongsangang.

With a length of 1.757 kilometres, this cycling route passes through traditional Korean villages where you will get to know their traditional customs, their historical antiquities and enjoy their traditional dishes.

maillot ciclismo fuji dgentrena

'Fuji' design

At an altitude of 3.776 metres, Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest peak, and is considered a national symbol.

With the Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo in 2020, its links with the bicycle will become firmly-entrenched and unforgettable, as competitors will face a demanding ascent on the 270 kilometre route with over 5.000 metres of inclines.

maillot de ciclismo koszciusko dgentrena

'Kosciuszko' design

Inspired by the highest mountain of the Australian continent, situated in the Snowy Mountains, which are also the home to the country’s principal ski slopes and glacial lakes.

This has become a Mecca for Australian cyclists and this is our homage to the place.

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